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Banking Guidelines

In most cases we can accommodate various modes of payment.  Below are some of our guidelines.

Irrevocable And Confirmed Letters of Credit

When establishing a Letter of Credit (L/C) in the favor of Huestis Machine Corporation the following instructions should be adhered to:


  • All bank charges, including confirmation charges, in and out of the United States are for the applicant's account.


  • US Dollars (Identical to the Pro-Forma Invoice)


  • L/C must indicate Huestis Machine Corporation as the beneficiary.  Our address is:

    Huestis Machine Corporation
    68 Buttonwood Street
    Post Office Box 718
    Bristol, Rhode Island
    02809 USA

Form of Document

  • Irrevocable letter of credit must be advised and confirmed by:

    Fleet National Bank/Bank of America
    Attn: Trade Services Department, (PA6−580−02−30)
    One Fleet Way, Scranton, PA 18507
    Telex: 62610 NBNAUW SWIFT ID: FNBBUS33

    ...or a major New York bank
  • at sight upon presentation of the required documents.


  • to be covered by the buyer at his/her expense.

Expiration Date

  • In determining the expiration date of the L/C, allow sufficient time to permit shipment and presentation of documents to the bank.
  • Expiration date should be at least 30 days from date of shipment.

Partial Shipments Permitted

Transshipments Permitted

Presentation Period

  • At least 21 days.

Shipping Terms

  • All Ocean/Air Freight, packing, handling, customs and forwarding fees are for the account of the buyer.
  • All Freight Charges quoted (estimated) on our Pro-Forma Invoices or Quotations are based upon the tariff rates on that date and are subject to change without notice.
  • Any increase in Ocean/Air rates between date of our Pro-Forma (Quotation) and the actual date of shipment are for the account of the buyer.
  • The goods are shipped Ex Works.
  • The Seaport or Airport of departure may vary since the cities that our facilities are located in do not have a Seaport or Airport.
  • Refer to Pro-Forma Invoices, if applicable.  If unknown, please have L/C state shipment from any USA Seaport or Airport, Ex Works.

Other Means of Payment

We also accommodate Wire Transfers, ACH Transfers and Credit Card payments including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and NOVUS (Discover).

Please contact our , or call us at 401−253−5501, for details.