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Best Universal Chair, Model UCT-1000

UTC-1000 pic Click here to download the PDF brochure.


  • Heavy Duty Moisture Proof Ergonomic Vinyl Cushions
  • Carbon Fiber Seat
  • 2 Multidirectional Cushioned Knee Supports
  • 2 Safety Side Rails
  • 4 Heavy Duty Multi-directional Hospital Quality Casters
  • 2 Universal Accessory Rails
  • Adjustable/Removable Intravenous Fluid IV Pole
  • Removable Foot Rest
  • Headrest Classic
  • 5 Accessory Clamps
  • Central Locking Brake System
  • Motorized Variable Height, plus or minus 35cm
  • Motorized Leg & Back Support
  • Motorized Variable Tilt, Total 24° Head to Foot
  • Hand Held Multiple Position Control Pendant
  • Control Pedal for Height Adjustment
  • Battery Backup System
  • Designed for Patients Weighing up to 450 lbs

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