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Conventional Compensation Integrated Beam Modulation Workstation

Designed for treatment planning, our Beam Modulation Workstation links our Compu•cutter III® and Compu•former® systems for quick, precise block cutting and compensator milling accurate to ± 1mm.

User-friendly, Windows® based software eliminates redundant data acquisition to streamline programming functions, saving the time and expense of hand digitizing.

Radiotherapy teams worldwide have come to depend on Huestis Medical for quality and cost effective radiotherapy products.  Both the Compu•former® and Compu•cutter® III are FDA registered and CE certified.


  • Block Cutting Accuracy
  • Computerized, four-axis cutter ensures accuracy of ±1 mm.
  • Built-in checks minimize operator error and time consuming re-cuts.
  • Allows review of outline on monitor.
  • Drawing package feature allows for easy image manipulation and correction.
  • Cut path simulation prior to actual block cut.
  • All functions and set ups are completely computer controlled.
  • Radiograph printout verifies tracing.
  • Template printout facilitates mounting shielding block on tray.
  • Treatment Planning Interfaces
  • Digitized block outlines can be easily transferred from treatment planning.
  • Eliminates redundant input of block outlines from radiographs.
  • Imported outlines may be cut immediately or stored for later use.
  • Compensator Milling Versatility
  • Milling can be done remotely, at any time freeing valuable treatment space.
  • Uses pre-cut 10” x 10” x 2” foam blocks (25.4 x 25.4 x 5.1 cm).
  • Produces compensators up to approximately 22 cm (8.7”) square.
  • Changes for reduction ratio and treatment geometry are programmed into the procedure.
  • Built-in vacuum removes foam chips.
  • User definable compensating material.
  • A stainless steel powder, gypsum and water mixture is recommended.
  • This easy to use mixture is readily available from Huestis Medical.
  • Hot Wire Cutting
  • Image can be moved to any position on the block to allow for the conservation of styrofoam use.
  • Fast .45”/sec. (1 cm/sec.) cut speed.
  • Cutter is safely enclosed in cutting bay.
  • Adjustable temperature for variations in foam densities.
  • Safety interlock for open door position.
  • Custom defaults: S.F.D., S.A.D., S.T.D.
  • Distance changes can be factored in after digitizing or TPS import.
  • Determines smallest block required for shape or combination of shapes.
  • Compensator Accuracy
  • Compu•former®, three-axis
  • CNC milling system offers ± 1 mm accuracy.
  • Cuts offset registration holes in foam block to ensure proper orientation of the compensator on tray.
  • Produces repeatable, accurate and fast cuts for unmatched effectiveness.
  • Uniform Radiation Dosage
  • Beam compensation milling machine creates a compensating filter mold.
  • Provides radiation beam attenuation to “compensate” for inhomgeneity.
  • Helps deliver uniform radiation dosage over the entire treatment field.

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